Internship Information

Morgeez provides opportunities for candidates to work at the various Morgeez departments as volunteers/interns. This is an open door opportunity for freshly graduated college graduates or other higher level institution graduates who lack experience to gain employment immediately. And who, by the way, weren't thought the required practicals at their respective institutions. Hence the Morgeez Skills Development initiatives was created to provide the much needed practical workplace experience that is compulsorily required in the job market.

Volunteer Job Duration

Volunteer jobs periods are minimum 12 months and maximum 24 months. During this period of your working as volunteer at Morgeez, you are exposed to a media production secrets from planning, to concepts development, to production and post production. Very important aspect is our ability to also coach you on publishing Technics and mechanisms.

Nature of Volunteer / Internship

Because Morgeez is fully a creative and production startup, our working environment is loaded with more of practical hands on activities that requires only people with talents, skills and with ability to deliver certain level of quality of end products.

Please note that this is not a government sponsored initiative so we, do not pay volunteers or interns any minimum wage. We are here to equip you with the skills and practical experience your desperately needed as per job markets requirements. You must be reviewed and interviewed to determine if you meet our internship/volunteer jobs criteria.


As a matter of principle and passion for industry that we love so much; and as a matter of our Founders love for development of the African youth across all races and demographics, Morgeez is committed to ensuring that all interns and volunteers at Morgeez are properly mentored, coached and prepared for their various job markets. We love our society, we love our world and we are fully prepared to contribute to human development in our own small ways. We believe that when youths are skillful, talented and properly mentored, the country will have a better growth rate and a better future and with potential of even becoming one of the greatest nation on earth.

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SPECIAL MASTERCLASS SKILLS TRAINING PLAN - (optional on request) for novice in the industry:

For those that requires practical hands-on training, here are practical MASTERCLASS training fees structure.
12 Months Training Duration Package = R10,900.00
18 Months Training Duration Package = R14,900.00
24 Months Training Duration Package = R18,900.00

These are practical training and workplace experience acquisition.
After reviewing your CV, we will recommend which package suits you based on our assessment.

Payment Plan:
We welcome a payment arrangement made around 2x payment of chosen or recommended package.
Invoice can only be generated once a payment plan has being selected and approved.

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