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Dear site visitors the forms here are exclusively for VIP All Access Members who had signup for Premium Membership. These are the members that can access these forms.

If you are looking forward to submit your contents for reviews and publication, you want to join the Morgeez Talent Agency, or you want to submit your music/video for promotion, streaming in the Morgeez Music Streaming Platform or you want to publish your music, sell your beats, merchandise products etc, you are required to head straight up to the Premium Membership pageĀ 

Here are the forms your will be able to access. Click on the form link and ensure to select the plan that has your form listed:

  1. Music Submission Forms
  2. Video Submissions Form
  3. Contents Submissions Form
  4. Talent Agency Submission Form
  5. Special Appointment Form
  6. Internship Application Form.
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