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This Plan is designed for Artists in South Africa and within the Southern African Region. International Artists, please go to the Promotion Packages on the Morgeez Store. Click here.

The Morgeez Artists Promotion plan is design to assist you the independent artist who has all the potentials but have no guidance, therefore, do not know where to go with your music career. Instead of waiting for manner to fall from heaven or waiting for big record labels who will not help you anyway, it’s better to take your career to the next level with Morgeez Music promotion packages.

You just have to relax and let us do the job for you. So you can concentrate on creating music and most of all, without not binding commitment. You simply own your recordings and creative works. Reach a worldwide audience! Join the Morgeez Family! Join the Revolution!

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Once we confirm your payment based on the package you chose. We immediately contact you, to arrange a meeting with you. Meetings can be held via skype video call, telephonic or face to face depending on your location.

From here, we proceed to execute project as per the package and plans in the package.


1. Take the bold step right now and see your career move in the right direction of success.

2. Even in real world of business, there’s what is called contract fees. Even in this scenarios, your membership is worth much more than that. As we are able to provide professional advise to you on how to go about your music.

3. We are in the business of music and this is the only thing Morgeez does. Come, let’s help you in your journey to superstardom.