Artists and Clients Form Submission

Please check the two sections below, (one for talents and the other for clients) and choose the item related to your needs. If you are not sure, we recommend you submit a support ticket (contact us) quickly so we can assist.


  1. For Talent Representation, Signup to Morgeez Community as Music Artist, Actor, Model, Comedian, MC, Voice-over actor, Dancer, or Comedian, and other talents apart from music artists. And we take it from there.
  2. For Radio Submission for playlisting at Morgeez Radio, click here
  3. For Video submission for listing at MorgeezTV, click here.
  4. For Music Distribution, Signup here and Request Artist Verification
  5. Story or Press Release Submission for Morgeez Magazine 
  6. Check out our Music Submission Guidelines

Artists’ Special Notes:

When you fill out and submit any of these forms, we will review your submissions. If form fields are not completely filled with the relevant information required, the response may be delayed. 

Hence we advise you to ensure the forms are completely filled and relevant information correctly inserted into the correct form fields. If you would need some assistance with your form filling, you may open a support ticket here for one of our staff to assist you.


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